Today at Art From the Heart

From May 13th, 2013

I spent a great day at Albertina Kerr's Art From the Heart today.  Several of the artists involved in the collaborative show and auction project gathered for a meet and greet with the great people at the Art From the Heart studio.  What a great program.  They are not only providing a top notch creative space, but they are selling the art to the public.  I bought a piece by one of the artists, Terry Holt.  He loves to play with numbers and do math work, so numbers become part of the mark-making in many of his pieces.  His favorite number?  35, which is featured prominently near the center of the piece.  I'm really excited about this project and the people involved.   

Slug Soup

I'm teaching at Slug Soup this week at the Oregon Coast.  It's a terrific art literacy program for kids - plenty of creativity and energy!  Some of my students, third and fourth graders, are doing a collaborative painting that I'm really excited about (pictures to come).   


Another exciting stop was at MOMA, where we saw everything from Pollack to Picasso.  One of the more interesting paintings, though, was a Marcel Duchamp piece called Network of Stoppages, painted in 1914.  I found it so interesting, for the same reason I like a lot modernist painters - it just seems way ahead of its time.